Broken Dinosaur Studios

An indie team of student game developers, designers, artists and musicians.

“Trials of the Gauntlet” is a steampunk Metroidvania set in a decrepit mechanical castle, through which the player fights his way to defeat the mad scientist Dr. Skerrit, utilizing his electro-shock grappling arm.

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                            Coming to Steam March 16th 2017


  •      In Trials of the Gauntlet, our main character wakes up in the courtyard of a Steampunk mansion, his arm replaced with a mechanical grappling hook. He storms        the tower in search of vengence, gaining knowledge of Dr. Skerritt as he goes.

     This was our first group project and took 3 months from concept to completion.

    Our scope was huge and we were interupted by Irma. The game isn't perfect, but                                         we're proud of this mid-term project.

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